Me, My Blog, A Wallpaper, And GtkFileChooser

So I think this site has finally settled down on the “looks” side of things. I’m pretty happy with it as it exists now. The only thing I really want to do is randomize the header images, which requires learning a bit of PHP. Of course, this was a day and a half that I should’ve been getting GioStream out the door, but instead just managed to get it building inbetween CSS & XHTML hacking.

On a personal note, I’ve noticed that I really like when the code I write is instantly useful in user interaction. I prefer writing UI code to writing backend code, because changes to UI code is more directly creative, and there’s a much shorter feedback loop. Now, I justify this to myself by saying that “UI work benefits the community,” and “now you know MySQL administration and can install WordPress,” but really I just wanted to create some art, and web-pages are supposed to be a nice composite of form and function — just like every other computer interface.

So, the background I did yesterday is just a simple Brushed-Metal-esque version of the Glider logo. Yes, I’m aware this is a doubly-derivative wallpaper, all I can say in my defense is that I wanted a slick background that worked well with the Esco Metacity & Industrial GTK+ themes — and I could ignore.

In other news, Seth Nickel‘s got a mockup of what the GtkFileChooser should look like, and jrb & federico are working on making it a reality. Rock on dudes! 🙂