Combat is A Video Game

So I watched some Chappelle’s Show reruns today, and was completely blown by the commercials for the Air Force and Army, glorifying the combat aspects. Unfortunately, they’re made up to look like—and indeed, interspersed with—commercials for video games. So between the commercials for “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell”, you get commercials encouraging people to be snipers for the U.S. Army and Predator (an unmaned, remote-control—but heavily armed— plane) pilots.

You too can witness the raw entertainment that is the head of a person going splat, or launch rocket-propelled explosives at someone, and watch as their car explodes, maybe even catch a glimpse of a flaming human being struggling to crawl out of a back-seat.

In other words, things that are “horrific” when done to mercenaries in the pay of the U.S. military and western corporations is OK when it’s done by the U.S. military, and you can be part of that.

Here’s a thought: what if every violent death was treated with the same repulsion and horror, without regard to who caused it?