"Do The Line, Bart…"

Dave Chappelle did a comedy show the other day. I paid $34 dollars for my ticket. Given the length of the show, this came up to be about $0.50 per minute. Yes kids, seeing a comedian in person (around here) is now nearly as expensive as a phone sex line, though you will probably laugh more with Chappelle and get to skip the incriminating phone record.

Unfortunately, about 20 minutes of his 1 hour set were killed by the audience constantly screaming catchphrases they had gleaned from his show. I couldn’t help but think that without the Little John phrases and “I’m Rick James, Bitch” — which are hilarious moments to be sure — I may have actually heard a decent joke or two. See, I would never pay $0.50 a minute to hear Dave Chappelle recite the same phrases he has said over and over on his TV show. Therefore, having to first listen to some random jackass in the audience run through the lines, followed by Chappelle running through the lines just to shut the audience up so he could tell a joke, to the audience starting the whole process over again.

It’s really sickening, and particularly since I saw it as soon as it started…