Being as it’s election year, and the Democans need to find some policy difference between them and the Republicrats, abortion is back into the debate. Here’s my take on the issue:

I believe that abortion is OK for any reason until the fetus kicks (yes, I mean physically kicks in the womb), after that, it’s not. One particular tribe of Australian aboriginals believes this is “the soul of the child announcing it’s presence”, which is scientifically indefensible at present, but no less plausible than claims that the child is a fully functioning human being from the zygote on, or that a child isn’t a child until immediately after they are born.

I believe that abortion after that point is morally wrong.

I believe that I have a right to offer an opinion to someone on the issue if the (potential) child would be mine and hers, but the decision is always hers.

I believe that abortion should always be legal — For a fun time, talk to a white person opposed to abortion about “legislating morality” when it comes to racial discrimination.

I believe that one way to decrease the number of abortions is to attack the root causes, rather than instituting more unenforceable laws which will facilitate either insane cutbacks on basic rights, coat-hangers, or both (remember that it’s illegal to be black and congregate in “known drug zones” — as defined by the police, of course):

  1. Stop treating unmarried mothers as though they are somehow different from married ones.
  2. Distribute free passive forms birth control (condoms, the pill, etc.) to whoever wants them, educate people on how to use them, and fund research to improve the existing devices — this will have the additional-benefit of decreasing the instance of STDs.
  3. Fix the planet’s environment, the political and economic structures, and allow the real opportunities available to the human race to be open in anyone, not just the children of the upper classes — this eliminates the “can’t afford” and “not fair to raise a kid in this planet” reasons. After all, it’s really not fair to introduce children into your life if you don’t even like it.

Another alternative to end “abortion” is for women to relabel it as “Operation Uterine Freedom,” and declare that the fetus may posses weapons of mass destruction. (Credit for that idea goes to “The Blue States” on Tough Crowd.)


I should clarify that my belief in legal abortion trumps my personal moral beliefs. Regardless of whatever opinions I hold, only a pregnant woman has the right to determine whether to take their pregnancy to term.