Post Industrial

So I’m nearing completion of the User Selector applet’s refactoring (all the code is now in nice, easy-to-statically-link GObjects), and GDM decides to start screwing around by completing the “start an X session” commands it recieves via it’s socket, but not replying — when the applet sticks when creating a new console server, it’s because something else is messing with the VTs (Debian’s console-log does this). That “doesn’t reply” issue is the same issue that caused the problems with 0.0.4’s “Login Window” menuitem. I’ll have to fix it, though, since it makes the applet basically useless.

Though it does sound like a quintessential POSIX question: “How does one interrupt a read() call on a synchronous UNIX socket… without making the socket asynchronous?”

So what does that have to do with Post Industrial? Well, I wrote the Post Industrial GDM greeter theme after I figured out why the applet wasn’t working. It’s basically a hack of Jimmac‘s excellent Industrial theme, with different icons, a face browser, and a niftier button layout.Downloads [removed]!