It has been suggested that us peace-wanting hippies are ignoring the torture of non-Iraqis by the resistance fighters, while ranting non-stop on the U.S. crimes.

Here’s the difference: The U.S. soldiers are paid using taxpayer money, spent by a government that purports to represent Americans, while torturing suspects in another country — as part of an invasion that is itself an imperialist criminal enterprise.

The resistance is unpaid (mostly) Iraqis who are pissed that a foreign military is garrisoning their country, killing and torturing their fellow citizens, and most recently, attacking mosques and killing shieks. Those “civillian security contractors” that got killed in Fallujah at the start of this intifada? Mercenaries.

Now, all the shit the U.S. is doing doesn’t excuse the Iraqis who are committing attrocities, but no Americans are paying for the Iraqis to torture people, and the Iraqis certainly come far closer to having a reason for their crimes than G.I. Jane and company.