Deprecating LibGnomeUI

Anders has been wanting to deprecate libgnomeui by moving it’s widgets to GTK+ for 2.6 (GNOME 2.10), and I’ve been thinking on how to make the API more functional and the UI more usable for the various widgets in question.

So far, my thoughts are:

  • Elipsising labels should go into GTK+ somehow, perferably just as “elipsize”, “elipsise-mode”, properties on GtkLabel. They are currently used in rhythmbox, totem, gnome-terminal, epiphany, nautilus, file-roller, and gnome-panel. I realize they are much slower and somewhat hackish, but as it stands now, they are much slower, somewhat hackish, copy/pasted between 7 modules, and unused in many others which would benefit from their inclusion (how many dialogs expand to huge sizes where an ellipsizing label was unused because it was considered silly to copy/paste from libeel by the author).
  • Should the file entries (or even some of the entries) be made editable or not? Currently the file chooser itself does not include an entry[1], and it seems like the various pick-a-file widgets in GnomeUI (which are used in things like the panel and Evolution) should also not have one. This is to ensure the various “file-pick” widgets all look and behave like the current file-pick widgets.
  • The icon picker should behave the same, but totally rock: