More on Abu Ghraib

According to an article at the New Yorker (and another at the Washington Post, one which I haven’t read due to the registration requirements), the torture at Abu Ghraib was simply part of an existing “black project” (no official budget, totally secret, and answerable only to very-senior officials, like Bush, Cheny, Rumsfeld, the Under Secretary of Intelligence at the Pentagon, and Gen. William Boykin) created to attack, detain, and torture information out of suspected Al-Qaeda members.

Particularly telling was the source that said they had never had an operation that ‘went sour’, and that they were worried about another Church Committee. They weren’t worried that people were being tortured, or that these human rights abuses would help Osama bin-Laden’s case that all Americans are evil scumbags who deserve to be blown up.

No, they were worried that Congress may start doing it’s job and looking into all the shit that our tax dollars are funding. I often wonder what the hell is wrong with those who was alive during the Vietnam era and support the current crop of bastards. I was born 8 years after the official end of the Vietnam war, 6 years after Watergate, 5 years after the “fall” of Saigon, and 4 years after the Church Committee had it’s hearings, and I could see all this coming when they started rescinding the consent decrees.