The Other White Meat

Since there’s such a dearth of information on what Kerry and Bush actually stand for. I see a lot of “he’s a wish-washy liberal” by Bush (who purposefully underfunded his own programs) and “I’m not Bush” by Kerry (who has only one substantive policy difference), but very little in the way of actual “I will do X, Y, and Z”. In fact, both candidates have refused to provide issue statements 23 times.

Fortunately, in the time I spent sitting on this entry while I researched it, I found this little gem:

Tweedle-Dee Deserves your Vote in 2004! Why should you vote for Tweedle-Dee? Because our candidate is strong on the issues that matter. He will continue to support a U.S. military occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan that has left thousands of civillians and hundreds of American soldiers dead. He supports the Patriot Act, National ID cards, and increases in video and electronic surveillance of American citizens. He supports major ‘free trade’ policies that have devastated working people world-wide while lining the pockets of the rich. He is a multi-millionaire funded by big-business and believes in corporate welfare. Our candidate also wants to deny homosexuals the right to marriage. He is willing to pledge billions of our tax dollars to fund Israel’s military occupation of Palestine. Tweedle-Dee is closely connected to major political dynasties in the U.S. Our candidate graduated from Yale University and was a member of the secret society known simply as the ‘Skull and Bones’.