Spam Spam Spam

Somehow I’m now getting spam text messsages on my phone. Same shitty misspellings, same implausable pitch, same AGASODIN (garbage) GASD.SAD@A characters at the beginning, only this time, pitching some number for me to call.

What the hell is wrong with spammers anyways? It’s not enough that 60-80% of our e-mail is clogged with misspelt advertisements for pharmaceuticals and online gambling, or that my lowly box here at home is on my parent’s ISP’s blackhole (as it’s a home computer and thus unthinkable that I’m running a legit mail server), or that I have to delete comments spam.

No, now my phone must start beeping at me to announce that I can get an MBA simply by calling a damned phone number. Perhaps some creative vigilantism is needed to illustrate the meaning of the term “commons”.