"Finally, Some Repression"

Ok, so the U.S. corporate media today is going over some random “threat” that the FBI said was made against media trucks at the DNC convention in Boston (scheduled to start this Monday). Aparently the threat was made by “a domestic anarchist group”, but they aren’t saying:

  1. Which group (if any) actually made such a “threat”.
  2. Whether any such “threat” (again, assuming this whole thing isn’t just total bullshit) was made by “an anarchist group” or just an individual who happens to be in an “anarchist group”.
  3. Whether any such “threat” was an actual legitimate threat, or just someone talking shit.
  4. Whether the person who suggested it was working for a law enforcement agency (certainly the FBI and local police have infiltrated anarchist groups for years, and have gone out of their way to infiltrate DNC/RNC protest organizers, and in the words of Judy Bari1, “The first rule of activism in the U.S. is that the person who suggests the dynamite is the FBI agent.”).

I think this is actually really revealing—well, it would be if I wasn’t an anarchist in the U.S., anyways. They target anarchists for at worst threats against property, whereas RNC counter-protesters (pro-Republicans who will protest against the anti-RNC protesters in NYC) have said they will carry guns, and a transit cop set off a pipe bomb in the Times Square subway station.

Of course, the FBI isn’t telling people to be on the look out for gun-toting neo-fascists and lunatic cops (one wonders if it’s because the FBI director is a gun-toting, neo-facist, lunatic). Oh, no. They are telling the media to worry about unarmed, idealistic guys and gals with black bandanas. After all, they may vandalize a Faux News sound truck, or tear down a fence, then sit down in a circle and play “Anarchist-Anarchist-Cop” (Duck-Duck-Goose) while giving things away, discussing alternatives to capitalism, and passing out free vegan meals to the homeless.

Good god, what will these crazed anarchists do next, suggest returning to a barter economy, as it’s obvious that the use of money has done little but allow people who have money to dictate what people without money do with their lives. My, how frightfully dreadful these ‘anarchists’ are.

  1. Judi Bari is a former spokesperson for Earth First! who was crippled by a car-bombing attempt in 1991. The FBI and local police claimed she set the bomb herself to gain publicity, but she hired a private investigator who traced the bombing to the same FBI agent who led the raid on Fred Hampton’s apartment in 1969, killing him in his sleep.