A Vote For Kerry…

I should preface this entry by stating that I dislike Bush intensely, near unto rage, and I dislike Kerry, near unto anger. I don’t personally think that Nader will do any better — even if by some miracle he got elected by a wide majority, and was able to actually implement any of his progressive policies, the large corporations would simply make the economy suck until we started voting “responsibly” again (with due thanks to Propaghandi).

However, I also firmly believe that the draft will return around July next year, and that this will cause the same disturbances (or more) that it did in the 1960s. The war in Iraq will also still be on the downward spiral, contributing to those disturbances. So, Kerry gets elected, and gets to take the blame for the war disaster and the disturbances. These will be the campaign issues as early as 2008. The left (who knew way in advance this war was going to be a disaster on all counts) will be illustrated as stabbing the brave troops in the back (just as the left [particularly Jews] in Germany were following WWI), and the propaganda machine of Fox News and Talk Radio will do it’s damnest to continue to blame the problems which Bush caused on the Democrats and the left in general.

Now, if Bush gets elected, we’re all fucked. It’s a total rock-and-a-hard-place situation for the American people and the political left, as usual. Times like these illustrate exactly why I’m an anarchist.