I finally finished a UI redesign of the “Audio” file properties tab which is part of nautilus-media. At some point, the tab should be rewritten as a nautilus extension, but for now it’s just a component. Anyhow, here’s a screenshot of my patch (jdub, shaunm, jamesh: I think the song choice counts as at least partial pennance for my moment of shame 😉 ).

I should probably note that the patch adds a conditional dependency on musicbrainz to get the cover art image…

One thought on “Serpentine

  1. That’s pretty damn cool – I’m looking forward to it!

    One comment, though it probably comes too late: What about changing the alignment of the image? It’s nice on the left, but I think it would be better on the right for two reasons.

    One, you mention a conditional dependency on MB for the cover art. That means it may not always be displayed. Same if the user isn’t connected for the download (1st time, in case of a local cache).

    This means that either there would be a big blank area or the text would shift to the left (sorry, I don’t have th’mad skillz to be running cvs so I don’t know which). That creates inconsistencies from an unstable interface.

    Two, every other line is label/data, label/data, … With the artist/title/etc left-aligned and the cover art right-aligned, it would seem to me a better match. But IANAD (…designer), so I could very well be on crack.

    Still, I think that creating a consistent experience, whether artwork is available or not, is potentially a pretty solid reason to swap the artist/title and the image. What do you think?

    One other little nit: it’s all “information”, so the label seems a bit redundant. I’d think that the context would be enough. Though “statistics” (aside from “comments”) makes sense.

    Sorry if this seems over-critical – I certainly don’t mean it to come across that way. I think this is a great addition! Thank you very much for doing the work, and I look forward to seeing it (in 2.10?).

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