More Blog Work

Worked some more on my blog today, after discovering that the header images weighed in at around 120k, which is waaaay to much to require for people to see the little “Jimbob” text. Sooo, I first tried to fix it using the old <img> attribute, lowsrc. Unfortunately, Mozilla has decided its not going to support lowsrc anymore. Granted, it’s not a standard attribute to the <img> element (aparently XHTML 2.0 has a <standby> element within <object> for this purpose), but it’s still a pretty useful thing to have.

So anyways, with XHTML 2.0 not yet a standard (let alone implemented), and XHTML 1.1 not providing what I need, I turn to the only other option I’ve got: JavaScript in an onLoad handler. Yes, that’s right, I use JavaScript to do the same thing that lowsrc used to do for me. It sucks, but at least the user can see the banner after 10k instead of 120.