Site Moving

So a few days ago I started moving over my regular website to a co-located server I got with some co-workers, and copying the static data from my old site and some new stuff from my blog. In the process I’m switching to Mambo, which looks to make the job of handling a regular, non-blogging site much easier. I had wanted to move my blog to mambo as well, but WordPress is still a nicer blogging tool. Unfortunately, the DNS is taking forever to move over, which really sucks. From work, running “host” works OK, but at home, Comcast is taking forever, using the new (correct) address about 1/5 of the time.

One thought on “Site Moving

  1. Hey, if you want to check out an existing mambo site in action (although it seems you’re pretty sold on it already, go to
    We use the mambobizz theme, slightly modified. I think mambo is stellar, good luck!

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