Spring Breakage

ATM, I’m on spring “break,” which I say in quotes because I just got done working 22 hours (only 15 of which will be paid) moving our offices over to another subnet. Well, I really only spent 3 hours doing the move, the rest of that time was planning, dealing with bureaucracy, setting up a junk-box as our CA, filling in LDAP stuff, setting up DHCP, etc.

I now understand LDAP pretty well, and know how to get it working with ISC-DHCPd. I also have some experience in planning out how to allocate a Class C, which is pretty cool. Though I did have to hack the DHCPd-LDAP patch to use “ldap(s|i)://” URIs for their “ldap-server” config value, and add a “ldap-starttls” pref—for people who want LDAP to run off a UNIX socket or an ldaps URI, which won’t work with the host/port ldap_init() and StartTLS call. I’ll contribute the changes back to the LDAP patch maintainer eventually, of course.

Oh, and I’m starting to seriously burn out on my job. Not the work, just the job.