More Slackage

I worked some more on the Fast User-Switcher today, got it nicely updating available VTs and users (again), before I was called into work because everything was falling apart. Aparently none of the Macs could contact the Netatalk server—which is now our primary fileserver. Turns out that Netatalk in Debian doesn’t have the “uams_dhx” authentication module, so I had to change it to use “uams_pam” instead, and restarted Netatalk. Now the Macs can connect.

And now the Quark Publishing System clients all stop working, because QPS was keeping all it’s stuff on one of the fileserver’s Netatalk shares, and restarting Netatalk killed the connection. Ugh. Shutdown QPS, try to re-mount the share. Doesn’t work. Add the missing user to the file server, remount the share. Start QPS. Quark works, but when people try to check things in they get access denied. Go through the QPS dance again, using a different user, things work. Clean things up and restart everything again after the paper is done. All is peachy at work.

Come home, more hacking on FUSA. Cleaned up some bugs and memleaks from earlier in the day.

Whee ;-).