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What follows is some miscellaneous junk, sort of a scatterplot of some ranting/trolling I’ve wanted to do, combined with strange responses to pgo blogs past… Enjoy. 🙂

  1. I really have a distaste for the word “enterprise” used to describe anything beyond the fictional spaceship of cheezy sci-fis past. There are just as many syllables in the term “large office”, and it doesn’t have the “I feel dirty”/marketroid tinge to it. Fight the power, use any term you can come up with instead of “enterprise.” 🙂
  2. Some interesting comments on Ubuntu vs. Debian. The interesting comments have nothing to do with Ubuntu vs. Debian and everything to do with the Debian release process and the conflicts between desktop coolness and server stability. Personally I think the debian crowd (of which I’m a tertiary member) wouldn’t have to worry about Ubuntu pulling out ahead of it if it just would set release dates and stick by them. I realize that I’m hardly one to talk, but I’m also not bitching at those who do cool things because of my slothfulness. 😉
  3. Havoc: Rock on. Though I don’t think the discussion will turn around for a long time, though — It took Sean Middleditch how long, to get posters to realize that FUSE is not a viable option for a cross-platform, desktop-oriented VFS?
  4. Bastien: IMO, deeper problems are that Bush doesn’t even pick his own music, the person who he pays to pick his music for him thinks that he would like irritating white-people music.
  5. Dave: The most interesting bits of that essay are the bits on distraction and the link to the article on how textbooks are written. The “distraction” thing certainly does explain why hackers work at night and the advice to have them given offices with doors (I’m pretty sure Joel on Software was the source of that advice). While I was aware of the political reasons that textbooks suck (the “Asimov was a communist” bit was priceless), I’ve never seen the process of creating textual gruel actually described.

And now I’m off to work…