Back On Fire

So somehow I’ve managed to really screw up my neck/shoulders area. My fingers tingle as I type, and it’s a painful chore to go from a prone/lying down position to a seated/sitting up position. I can move my neck sideways what feels like about 35° from center before I can start to feel some pain coming on, and vertically about 50° from center. I can also tilt my head more to the left than the right.

I’m hoping it’s just some bad strain from from hefting my clothes on the way to the laundromat, made worse by sleeping improperly on it. We’ll see if that’s the case tomorrow.

And it appears the issues I was having with BitTorrent were caused mainly by the way the client downloads chunks randomly. In my case, the first chunk of the file was randomly the last one that was downloaded.

One thought on “Back On Fire

  1. The running rumor about the bittorrent is that the first is last so you’ll be a good citizen and share the file (you won’t cut out at the first possible opportunity because you only wanted half of the file)

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