Welp, I finished a redesign of my blog that I’ve been working on for a few weeks. It looks more like a blog than the last version, and IMO is not nearly as ugly. The problem I run into with website design is basically a common one to all HCI design—accomplishing technical tricks (like doing an image-based border around a scalable content area purely with CSS) tends to take precdence over the more basic question of: “does it look like crap?” I’m confident that the current look doesn’t approximate crap nearly as well as the older one, but we’ll see in a few days after I’ve taken a break from it.

Unfortunately, I’m supposed to be finishing my papers for classes, not redesigning my blog, particularly since one of them is nowhere near finished, and a few hours late as of this moment. I should’ve gotten all serious and motivated weeks ago, but it’s just not happening, and it’s serving to speed up the burnout on school. The problem is that barring a crew of politically active people to bounce ideas off of and discuss things, web design, programming, and various other computer stuff is just more interesting to me than writing about expropriation in Latin America, or regurgitating statistics about U.N. working groups.

My back has also basically stopped hurting, though there’s some residual stiffness and various popping when I stretch, so it’s pretty likely that it was just strain from lifting heavy crap.

3 thoughts on “Smatterings

  1. Looks schweet. The categories don’t fit on an 800×600 monitor though. Probably on the main page the content area is getting expanded because of a pre or something — the content area is symmetric and small on this comment page, but on the main page the right side goes too far.

    Peace, Wingo.

  2. I just have to say:


    Not only does it look better, it loads much faster and scrolls quicker and smoother. I’m personally really loving the image in your text fields. Not only does it look good it clearly identifies which field I’m in.


  3. Andy: Sorry about that, but only 3% of my viewers have an 800×600 screen (and only 3% have a screen that’s either less or unknown), so I designed for 1024×768. Vaguely of an asshole move, I know, but you can always turn off stylesheets, and the content will still be visible.

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