GNOME's Future

Regarding the discussion on making GNOME fun, I guess I don’t really see any particular argument. It appears as though there are several goals which purport to compete:

  • Allow non-C languages into the desktop release.
  • Improve the developer platform.
  • Write an application suite which shows off GNOME’s sexiness.
  • Integrate new tech into the desktop release as it becomes available (D-BUS, Cairo, etc.).

I’ll add

  • Work on the “First-level objects” UI.

to the list of things that’ll potentially “revitalize” GNOME/make it fun again. Really the only thing that makes anything fun is working together with people you can work with towards a common goal, so I’ll bow out and say “why don’t we do all these things.” I personally care about a raining of fire and brimstone which ends up with an platform (and bindings) that are worthy of being called “a CLR to beat .NET,” (Fortunately for me, I’m not smart enough to do it all by myself, and really need to quit school and get a job, but that’s what I’d like to see/do myself). Mikael wants to have a GNOME API that’s simpler to grasp (namespacing and documentation). Havoc cares about an applications suite that’ll do (effectively) what AppleWorks did for MacOS. Edd and Todd want something to paint with other than C.

So we now have people who have publicly stated that they care about the development platform, the documentation, the apps, and the bindings? (I personally think the “first-level object” UI is a great idea which effectively stretches across the platform and the apps, and UI goodies can be filled in with the things Miguel mentioned.) What’s not kickass about that? What’s not to love? How is this not the coolest thing ever? Go local sports team and/or college! Yeah! Woooo! 😉

I’m also reasonably pleased I’m not the only one on PGO to mention May Day.