Illegal In Some States

So, it appears as though the woman who claimed she found a finger in a bowl of Wendy’s chili has been arrested for attempted grand larceny. From the few details available, it appears as though she’s being charged with larceny/theft because her accusations cost Wendy’s $2.5m, charges which “thrilled” Wendy’s officials. Now, according to California law, the closest approximation to her activities was using “false or fraudulent representation or pretense, defraud any other person of money, labor or real or personal property.” But she didn’t defraud or attempt to defraud Wendy’s of anything. One could argue that she “attempted” to defraud Wendy’s by suing them, but I’m under the impression that it is the job of the civil trial to decide whether her claims are fraudulent or not.

But more to the point, how crazy is it that a multinational corporation can have you arrested for costing them assumed profits? Even if the woman’s claims are all lies (which they may very well be), the legal response to someone slandering/libeling is to sue them for slander/libel, not to have a SWAT team raid their house and trump up some charges which claim they “stole” your profits through their claims.

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