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  1. i do not really like user interfaces that emphasize using of prepositions. this is not about ui really, but this could be wery bad for translation teams, especially non-indoeuropean languages that do not use prepositions so heavily.

  2. I like it.

    But where is the path editor to look for another icons?

  3. That’s looking nice– any chance some of those enhancements will find their way into GtkIconView, or is EggIconCHooser too different?

  4. Thank you, sir! You are a gentleman and a scholar!

    I thought about something like this a year ago or so.. seemed like some low-hanging fruit.

  5. I like it lots.

    A suggestions: if I’ve just created a link to a binary called ‘evolution’ or ‘firefox’ or whatever, could it select an icon whose file name matches automatically?



  6. (Figured I’d get around to replying to all these now, when nobody is paying attention anymore ;-))

    non-english: Hmmm, I wasn’t considering translation problems when crafting it. I’ll storm about some alternatives.

    aam: There’s an “other” item in the combobox that uses a FileChooser.

    quinn: GtkIconView is more of a general “show me a bunch of data from a GtkTreeModel in a grid” widget (at least in 2.7), and EggIconChooser uses it to display icons from an icon theme. So the short answer is “no” :-).

    Mike: That feature is outside the scope of the widget, but the “dot-desktop editor” widget that the panel and nautilus use could easily set the selected icon to match the executable name if it used EggIconChooser.

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