Bah, Baby! Bah!

Welp, it looks like the PDC move is finally done, so I spent some time on Monday poking around with getting the Mac OS X boxes to auth with LDAP (works pretty good, actually), next up is getting the mount maps into LDAP so /home is NFS-mounted. I should be spending this time on converting the second half of the old articles archives into SQL, but being able to share logins and profiles between Mac, Linux, and Windows is just too cool to pass up :-).

I also got bzflag 2.0.2 to build/work for breezy/g++ 4.0 (it mis-compiles with -fstrict-aliasing, so it was a simple matter of dialing back the optimization in debian/rules), i686-optimized debs are online. Unfortunately my keyboard shortcuts are all hosed — if I had to guess I’d offer either breezy’s variant of X, GTK+ HEAD, or some combination that’s the source of it. In Epiphany all the shortcuts run “New Window”, in Evolution and gnome-terminal they all run “Close”, and in Anjuta they run “New Document”. Weery strange, comrade.

Oh, and FUSA is now in Ubuntu breezy’s universe, which totally rules (though I wouldn’t recommend switching from hoary until the X and gcc4 stuff has settled down, unless you like manually resolving package conflicts) :-).

Update: daniels has said on IRC that the breezy keyboard shortcuts issue may be fixed by moving creating a symlink to /etc/X11/xkb as /usr/lib/X11/xkb. I tried it but it didn’t work for me, others may have better luck.

4 thoughts on “Bah, Baby! Bah!

  1. FUSA in Breezy rocks, thanks man (especially starting a different user in xnest is cool). One thing that’s a bit hidden: it shows a photo for my user (that I must have set a long time ago), but it doesn’t offer to change that (as far as I can see at least). Starting gdmphotosetup from the Prefs menu would be nice.

    Anyway, thanks for the FUSA.

  2. The breezy X breakage is pissing me off so much. I know its all my own fault, but still. I’ve never followed a bugzilla bug this closely 🙂

  3. And all the shortcuts in GIMP run “duplicate this image”…. annoying!

    Any idea what causes that?

  4. Colin: It’s easily do-able, but I’d prefer to wait for gnome-about-me in the control-center.

    Ian: Eh, it’ll get fixed in time — one doesn’t run unstable and expected stability, after all :-).

    Phil: Beyond what I mentioned, nope :-).

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