Roll With It

A few days ago, the Supreme Court said it was OK for your town to take your home and give it to Pfizer, Inc.

Well, actually, they just said any “development plan” was a “public good,” particularly those development plans where they take your home and give it to Pfizer. Previously, the city had to be to turn your home into a highway, park, or something… oh, you know… public for it to be considered a public good.

Obviously, this decision is absolute garbage, all around, but rather than whine about it, I hereby advocate the broader political left start using it whole-hog until it gets reversed. IOW, take over city councils so you can declare Wal-Mart a public hazard, take their stores, and convert them to co-ops.

We can probably turn at least a few ugly, overpriced, faux-soul, wage-slaving, chain stores over to their employees before the USSC swallows it’s pride and reverses this horrendous decision. Hand the stores over to the descendents of slaves and you just took care of reparations, too.