Condolences, Rantings,

London: Don’t let the bastards of the world get you down. Oh, and learn from our mistake, don’t let your politicians run wild, either.

dom: I /msg’d you this on IRC, but it’s not so much that USians can’t get it, as it is they are denied the information necessary to get it. There are a few reasons (IMO) why this information isn’t presented:

  1. Explaining the connections between poverty, crime, and violence, won’t fit between commercials.
  2. This type of material isn’t “advertising-friendly.” It doesn’t put you in a “buying mood,” but it does get your synapses firing. These two things in concert are death for all but the smartest ad campaigns, and most ads are crap — so there’s little incentive for advertising-driven media to cover these issues in depth. So much the better to have two blowhards try to yell over each other and switch from one oversimplification to the next every other minute — and conspicuously agree on little things like war.
  3. There’s money to be made off our ignorance.

And now, because I really need to laugh, I present this (which is stupid, but in a funny kind of way):

<clee>    I can't wait for wintertime
<clee>    I'm using that baby to heat my apartment
<thaytan> you heat your apartment using babies?
<clee>    thaytan: yes.
<clee>    just like the Matrix.
<thaytan> woah

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