API Nightmare

Yesterday I worked on Gio, moving the stackable-stream objects closer to a GTK+-style event-signal model (at least for asynchronous operation). The API still needs work, though, as it’s tough to figure out the “correct” balance between ease for stream users (applications) and ease for stream implementors (plugins). Comments are welcome :-).

Today, I watched The Power of Nightmares. Interesting facts, and a definitive explanation of at least the neo-conservative methodology, but it seemed pretty shallow on the direct substance, claims, and (perhaps most importantly) philosophical lineage of both the neo-conservative and islamist ideologies. For some reason, I then started watching The Village on cable. I highly recommend watching those two movies in that order — if for no other reason than to figure out that Mr. Shyamalan isn’t quite the idiot I thought he was the first time I saw The Village.

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