Offline for a While

So I’m moving out today, and thus will be offline for a while — well, not totally offline, just intermittantly online. I may actually get some kickass hackage done in the meantime, without the constant temptation to waste time learning about non-technical subjects via the distractions of IRC, blogs, news, etc. I’m even considering taking the radical (for me) step of skipping an internet hookup at my new place — and save the $50/mo — assuming I can get access via the wired lounge across the street to read mail, news, and commit code.

I also need to find a new job, so if you’ve got need of a non-student UNIX/UI/web geek in the Northern Illinois (preferably DeKalb) area, check out my Resumé and gimme a call. (Seriously, call me, I need a j-o-b. :-))