Work Ahoy

I landed the PHP development job, allowing me to safely blow off the forklift interview. Aparently my primary responsibilities will be maintaining a large PHP app for networked scale calibration, some very light sysadmin stuff (e.g. “make this box a nameserver”).

Unfortunately, there’s a morning commute past the Belvedere Chrysler plant (“the home of the Neon”), but I’ll be making vastly more than what I’m making at my current job, which eases the pain somewhat. Oh, and my new boss is a KDE fan, so obviously I’ll have to spend the first few weeks disabusing him of preferences overload. 😉

2 thoughts on “Work Ahoy

  1. Hey, good news. If you get stumped, don’t hestitate to drop me a message.

  2. KDE user or not I bet there are a few Gnome or GTK applications he uses.
    From there you can gradually get him to use more and more GTK apps and before he realises what is happening he’ll be using Gnome with a KDE theme mwuhahaha! 🙂

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