Disgust and Lividity

The city is destroyed.
99.9% of the time the government is unnecessarily up your ass.
Thousands of people are dead.
The other 0.01% of the time they are navel-gazing.
Bodies are covered with leaves or left to rot in the streets.
Armed gangs roam the city.
What happened to all that money for “first-responders?”
Some of them wear uniforms.
The people who looted stores are still people.
Most of the people who were stranded were just too poor to leave.
Sometimes I want to scream at people.
Which means it’s likely most of the victims don’t have insurance, either.
Demand they use the n-word when the n-word is what they would otherwise use.
Now the people there don’t have homes or jobs, either.
Not let them get away with “thug” or “gang-banger”…
The Congresswoman that Anderson Cooper gave what-for was invited to a conference in June.
Estimated 60,000 casualties.
The conference was on climate change and hurricanes.
It took four days to get supplies into the city.
The conference discussed how the evacuation “plan” was crap.
The chemicals from the city, it’s cars, busses, cleaning supplies, and the oil terminal are in the city now.
The city will take a month to dry out.
The EPA estimates it’ll cost trillions to clean up properly.
New Orleans is in ruins.
Some people say it’s punishment for gay people having sex.
I never got to see what I missed.
Others think its karma from Iraq.
Every president in the last 40 years is responsible.
Some people think letting them die will teach them a lesson.
So is every Congressperson that let them get away with it.
But they won’t say it out loud because it’s an ugly thing to say.
Should I take some time off and go help?
I want to tell them.
Is donating money I don’t have enough?
Don’t be surprised when a person in a shitty situation acts like a shit.
Why did they turn down 1,100 doctors from Cuba?
Search-and-rescue is more important than law-and-order.
I haven’t slept all week.
I was going to talk about my morning commute.
The owner at my new job said that we have to rethink the way we live.
It seems pointless now.
He was talking about gasoline.
And still no real news on Mississippi or Alabama.

10 thoughts on “Disgust and Lividity

  1. wow, every single stupid, hateful, uninformed, and idiotic comment pulled together into one post. I’m not sure if its meant to be a joke, or if you are making a rallying cry against “the man”.

  2. it would be
    if your
    wasn’t completely


    I mean, you could just write normal paragraphs. This is not clever, just annoying. And I’m getting increasingly bitter and grumpy. Damn it all.

  3. Russ:

    This is a list of things that contributed to pissing me off. If you’d actually like to go through and prove your argument that it’s just me being “stupid, hateful, uninformed, and idiotic,” feel free. Otherwise you’re just assuming that any rant with overtones of politics you don’t agree with must be “stupid hateful, uninformed and idiotic” because you don’t agree with it, and/or playing “Smear The Leftist” for your own ego gratification (it appears you haven’t bought the expansion-pack, “STL: Counterfactual” yet).

    So far as the “some people think…” bit, that refers to things other people are saying, not what I personally believe (frankly, I think the people saying those things should trade places with those in the convention center).


    Yes, they do.


    I’m sorry that you prefer “expressions” that you can smile and nod to, but the point of the layout was to make your head explode, not be clever.


    …For doing nothing but post a stupid rant on the internet?

  4. psylence:

    Sorry, I’m so absolutely furious about this whole situation, doubly so that these rightist astro-turf fucks are running around the political blogs double-quick, lest anyone hear a version of reality not from them. Reports today of either the Red Cross and Salvation Army either being told or deciding on their own, to stay out of the city so the “people will want to leave” (via some Batan-esque death march, apparently) doesn’t help.

  5. Well, the point I was trying to make is that the layout made me not bother to read more than the first few sentences. It was just too damn annoying. It seems like it was a rant I would possibly mostly agree with – had it not been trying to poke my eyes out. I’m not commenting on what you wrote, but how you presented it. Hnnggrr.

  6. The video is missing from Crooks and Liars, and aparently the bit about FEMA isn’t in the “official” NBC feed, though it is available from elsewhere.

    If the bits about FEMA are accurate, they should remove Micheal Brown’s testicles and nail them to his office wall as a warning to his successors.

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