I Know It's a Cliché…

The drive was interesting today. For some reason I-90 near Belvedere this morning was simultaneously free of cops and full of the drivers of the type I was used to when I was going to school in Lombard — that is, when I was driving towards Chicago, not away. The average speed of 70-75mph (110-120kph) was replaced by 80-90mph (130-140kph), and the typical driver was much more aggressive.

After a short climb up to the new “normal” speed, I ended up preventing someone from cutting me off, me who happened to be driving a massive gold-painted SUV. By “preventing,” I mean that I sped up to match traffic and overtook a minivan in the right lane, which meant the driver wouldn’t have survived trying to cut me off at that point.

So this driver ended up tailgating me (“headlights illuminating swaths of my trunk lid during the daylight” closeness) for about five miles until traffic thinned out. At which point she proceeded to do what she was planning all along, whip around and cut me off.

As I’m braking and flipping this person off, I notice three things about the car:

  1. The masonic sticker in the left rear window’s lower corner.
  2. The Sheriff’s Association sticker next to that.
  3. The Jesus fish on the right side of the tailgate.

Needless to say, I burst into laughter culminating in tears and hacking at that lineup, on that car, cutting me off, 25mph over the speed limit.

Oh yeah, and I forgot my laptop’s power supply at work, which sucks massive rocks — particularly since I was going to do some work this weekend.

Update: Apparently I also forgot my phone, making me 1 for 3 today — I did remember my wallet, though.