All The Time

Keeping up my several-post-theme of All Web Design, All The Time, I’ve just redesigned my blog site, so it looks better and works in Internet Explorer 6. There’s still some work to do, mostly cleaning up old posts so they don’t overflow the content container, adding back the (oft-broken but still interesting) “related” sidebar to articles, and some other minor junk. It’s a little busy, but so’s my life these days (which is why I haven’t done or even posted anything GNOME-related in such a long while, I’ve just been that swamped with work and personal web projects).

Next up is another website, followed by a for-print pamphlet (both for work). I hope to have the former done by tomorrow (it’ll take a few more days for the content to get filled in), and I’ve never done any real for-print work before, so that’ll be an interesting challenge. Just a note to those who’re doing web work: you are not relieved of the neccessity to write a coherent paragraph, or keep the stuff up-to-date.

Faster, Design-Monkey! Kill! Kill!