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  1. I would prefer the menu item ‘Switch User…’ instead of ‘Switch To…’, becaue the latter isn’t descriptive unless you see the icon with people next to it.

  2. Oh my god, I was also just about to tell you to use “Switch User”. How cool, and the other person is from Sweden too =))
    There should also be a more descriptive tooltip, as even “Switch User” isn’t completely intuitive.
    But good work!

  3. Hi neighbours!

    The same exact thought occurred to me when I saw the screenshot…

    How funny is that?! 🙂

    I recall having some Swedish ancestry from a century or two back so I’ll let you Swedes keep the credit for this brilliant idea. :^)

  4. Agreed on the switch user change. The ‘New Login’ isn’t necessarily discoverable, maybe it deserves its own menu entry instead (and at least in Ubuntu, should be moved from Applications/System Tools into System)?
    Also, maybe it should be consistent with the log out interface (no border, desktop fade) as suggested in the bug report?
    Last, I don’t know if this has changed from the panel applet, but the user list should obey the visible users settings from GDM – the applet showed all human users even if they were hidden in GDM.

  5. Nice work,
    but should’nt this option be merged with the “lock screen” since it will also allow other poeple as I have undestood. It will become redudant with your option “Login screen”. (And no, I don’t ask that juste because it is so in another OS I will not name here)

  6. Anonymous, Sigge, Finn with a name: I think “Change User” is better still. 🙂

    Fred: The exact look can be settled on, obviously, and if staying as a dialog is the better option, then The Fade can be kept. The backend code is identical, so nothing about the behavior has changed, merely the UI that wraps it.

  7. Yep, i was talking with my girfriend that “Shitch to…” is not so usable, and when we translate this program to Bulgarian language, we should translate it like “Swith user”. Other thing – here we install GNOME on slow computers, and on them we remove the icons from the main menu (optimization, hehe). So “Switch to…” will not be very usable without the icon.

  8. > ‘Switch User…’ instead of ‘Switch To…’

    I started thinking about that too but only because the standard title case for menu labels suggests it should be “to” without the capital T.

    Looks great, which is why we are only left with such a trivial detail to ask about.

  9. James, if it gets included into the panel, It would be great if it ends up being settings-integrated with GDM.
    As a background, I used your applet, and it was very nice, solid etc. With my machine, I had some hidden human users on GDM with a face chooser, with passwordless login on some users so you could just double-click a face to log in. Ideally, fusa should mimick this by tying closely to GDM’s configuration, so if you selected an un-logged-in-passwordlessly-log-in-able (woot) user from fusa, it would fully log in without jumping to GDM at all. What say you?

  10. The basic problem is that GDM currently does not provide a way to start a login process on a given display, so essentially all FUSA does right now is provide a user list and the equivilent of gdmflexiserver. When GDM includes that type of IPC command, FUSA will use it.

    Short answer: that exact feature should be an inherent part of something that GDM doesn’t have yet. 🙂

  11. In the short term, though just change the case of Capital ‘T’ ro lower case ‘t’. Idealy though it would be “Switch user to …”

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