Pushing It

I think I’m going to start tracking down those responsible for making me waste my time moderating comment spam, and start posting their contact information.

“For educational purposes only.”

In related news, the sales guy at work came to me the past week and asked me if I could help make an “HTML e-mail promotion.” The exchange went something like this:

Sales guy: Could you help me craft an HTML e-mail promotion?
Me: No.
Sales guy: Finally, we’ve found something you won’t do.
Me: I won’t spam people? Correct.
Sales guy: It’s not spam, it’s promotional followups on existing customer relationships.
Me: [Anti-Bullshit Missile System Engaged]
It’s unsolicited commercial e-mail. That’s spam.
Sales guy: They are all existing customers.
Me: So? Amazon doesn’t make me want to buy things when they send me crap, neither does Ticketmaster.

As a matter of fact, after they started mailing me, I haven’t bought anything from either company—of course, mentioning Amazon and Ticketmaster was probably a mistake, as the sales guy very visibly got the glazed, “$ in the eyeballs” look on his face, and thus didn’t hear anything but “Amazon and Ticketmaster do it.”

…Just in case you were wondering who actually is stupid enough to pay to spam people.