Yeah!!! Wooooo!!

Ok, so I decided to quite literally worry myself sick this weekend.

Obviously in poor form.

Mmm, indeed, indeed.

At any rate, I’m going to ride the “fever train” for as long as I can.

For example, I can blame the fever for making me forget that today was tarball-day after work, causing the tarballs for FUSA 2.13.91 to be precisely 82 seconds late. Fortunately, Davyd uploaded the tarballs anyways, so you have something to test.

I can also say that there is only one RC release left before 2.14, and the lack of bugs filed against FUSA is troubling. I know for a fact I’m a mediocre programmer, which means that people simply aren’t testing this crap, which is totally unacceptable. I want to hear about all three crashers that I’ve secretly sneaked into FUSA in the last few months. Of course, such crashes don’t exist… or do they?

Ummmmm, ok. Forget the stream-o-consciousness bizarreness and just test the freakin release, purty please, with sugar and such on top? 🙂