Support Your Local Troll

When the Internet was first opened to the public in 1992, some persons concluded that this amazing communications network may actually start the process of ending the rule of technocrats. Some used to think that it would even supplant the Pyramids as humanity’s greatest Wonder of the World, by allowing anyone, anywhere, access to a cheap, easy global communications network. The idea was that anyone could honestly discuss any issue with people on the other side of the wall, without any filtering by profit-driven corporations or power-driven states.

Fortunately for Our Way of Life™, these nerds and their distopian dreams of world peace and global intellectual advancement have proven as NULL as their pointers, due in large part to the tireless efforts of the trolling community. These heroic adventurers of the world have taken horrifically destructive juvenile pranksterism into the postmodern world, and thus freed it from it’s ultimately nihilistic end, towards one which truly approaches the purity of conflict for conflict’s sake.

Unfortunately, much trolling is a thankless activity, with very little in the way of positive reinforcement. For that reason, we’re proud to give a little something back to the community which has taken so much.

From the folks who brought you The Spaminator™ 6000, now comes Using our patented BorkBork® technology, allows anyone the recognition they deserve for destroying intellegent debate and productive commentary twenty-four hours a day. Simply create a new login and associate it with your prefered psuedonyms, and will automatically rank your inflamatory comments and the resulting flamewar. A variety of feeds are also available to show you which blistering jackass is doing the most damage.

Do your part to destroy productive conversation by forcing everyone to re-hash the same tired arguments they’ve had a thousand times before, and share it with the world, via

3 thoughts on “Support Your Local Troll

  1. “…ultimately nihilistic end…” bullshit for bullshits sake?

  2. Freeing (ultimately harmless) juvenille pranksterism so it can concentrate on (the vastly more nihilistic) conflict for conflict’s sake—in the name of stopping nihilism?

    Yes, it’s bullshit for bullshit’s sake—though there’s some surrealist social-commentary in there somewhere, I’m sure. 🙂

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