FUSA 2.13.92

New FUSA release today: 2.13.92 (aka GNOME 2.14 RC2), miraculously ready before the deadline (sheepish *g*). It’s mostly translation work, but there’s also a tiny memleak fix in there.

Of course, the fixes for a couple bugs will have to be worked on some more due to some (pixel-level) UI changes that just wouldn’t play along in the couple hours I had to make a release. Thanks to the reporters, BTW, next time I’ll harp about testing earlier :-).

5 thoughts on “FUSA 2.13.92

  1. How do I alter (1) the specific programs, or (2) the program command lines that launch with the various options: Sleep, Hibernate, Shutdown, Restart, etc.?

    How do I ask questions about Fast User Switcher used by Ubuntu Jaunty?

    ~~~ 0;-Dan
    8 May 2010 at 11:12 CDT

  2. You can enter your comment here. Don’t forget to spell-check 🙂

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