Feel The Power

So according to the people at Protein Wisdom, the reason the U.S. is losing the war in Iraq (ironically enough the same people said the U.S. was winning until a fellow conservative clued them in to the fact it wasn’t) is the anti-war protesters. Aside from the obvious “stab-in-the-back” parallels, there’s a more constructive interpretation to be had.

Now, there hasn’t been a massive anti-war mobilization in the U.S. since the weekend the war started. The only time anti-war protests garner any significant media attention is when Cindy Sheehan is involved. The protests at the start of the war were described by Bush as “focus group”, and the G knows that Democracy means the people sit down and shut the fuck up unless they’re being asked to rubber stamp the nation’s managers’ (who must be wise, otherwise how did the owners know to buy them) cushy perks for the next two, four, or six years.

But that’s another issue. What this guy is really saying is that hippy leftists have managed to cause the most destructive military machine in the history of the world to fail in their attempt to subjugate a dirt-poor country which suffered under sanctions and a CIA-infilitrated weapons-inspection regime for 12 years. Without really doing all that much.

So as a hippy leftist, you’re telling me that I just helped defeat the most cock-diesel motherfuckers in history, without holding any substantive power, writing any editorials for newspapers, attending an anti-war protest in nearly three years, or really doing anything outside of getting up and going to school or work? My mere existance means you lose?

Wow, thanks!

3 thoughts on “Feel The Power

  1. Aren’t wingnuts a hoot? He’s pouting now, but in ten years Hollywood will make a movie in which all his psychic boo boos are healed. Tens after that, he’ll tell people tales of the war that should’a could’a been won. They’ll sound oddly like the screenplay of the film. But he’ll deny that angrily whenever he’s confronted and accuse the people who say it of abusing returning veterans.

  2. I figure he’ll simply end up viewing the neo-conservatives as flawed heroes, too hamstrung by their “respect” for democracy and human rights to get the job done. He’ll probably consider that hard-won knowledge too.

  3. Wow man, right on with that speech (no rhetoric incluided) all material. I believe the information age is formidable, atleast enough. To subjugate those that try and control us….. To a point. and yes Rock On with your bad self.

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