Changing Gears

I’m done blogging particularly on politics. I’m done because (essentially) all political blogs are turning into the minor leagues of punditry, letting propagandists hone their craft before being wrangled, branded, and paid to use those same skills as the future Priesthoods of Power. This is not a contest between the two parties, this is simply the corporate media system (and the parties they feed off of) recognizing and attempting to swallow Internet propagandists as they did already did to the leafletteers, newspapers, and radio broadcasters. Television is a special case because it was top-down controlled from day one, due to the enormous cost inherent in running your own television studio.

Politics will still loom large on this blog, however, because I see the politc in my own life and the lives of those around me (or if you prefer soulless cliché: “I believe the personal is political”), but it will not be another endless, repetitive, anti-Bush snark parade masquerading as me having something important to say. Not that I don’t really, really wish Bush would spend the rest of his life in a cage for crimes against humanity—Clinton could be his cellmate—but it’s not worth my time to go over the same crap as everyone else.