V for Vendetta

Saturday I saw V for Vendetta. I loved it.

There is little I can say about this that I haven’t already heard:

Gay anarchist terrorist blows shit up. Fascist government born of conservative Christian death-cultism and a multinational pharmaceutical plot collapses. The disappeared have their day.

The movie is Rorschach, like Team America. What you say about it reveals yourself.

Alan Moore describes it as not revolutionary enough, having surgically removed most of his novel’s Anarchism in favor of more vague references to perennially nebulous “freedom.”

Naturally, conservative, politically active Christians pushing virulently homophobic messages seem to have a problem with the movie. Go figure. Perhaps most hilarious is the fact that today’s Tom Delay histrionics were pretty directly inspired by V for Vendetta.

That alone makes it the best corporate movie of the last 7 years.