Homage To Icarus

Some random thoughts to commemorate the blog retitling/redesign:

Primitivism is Bullshit

It may be inescapable at this point, all chances for decent evolution having been squandered on jet-into-building porn, but going back to piling mud is bullshit, I don’t care how egalitarian the mud-piling commune is. This thought, wrung dry, is the inspiration for the retitling. The new feel is retro, I think, like 1998 or sumpin’.

Justice is not Vengeance!

I have a problem with the McNews, battle-o-the-sexes, class-analysis bereft version of feminism. The version that says that sexism will truly be dead when women can exploit men with the same veracity that men exploit women today, aka “when women are equally represented among CEOs then everything will be OK.” I’ve noticed it’s often the version of “feminism” that wishes to inflict fashion magazines, pink shirts, body-image paranoia, and objectification on men, or at least would settle for it as some form of payback for every media image from June Cleaver to Jenna Jameson.