You Are… A Slave

So last week, my boss quit. During his last week, his garage burned down, taking his company car and laptop with it. On the laptop was the only copy of the source-code to one of the applications my employer sells—and has deployed out in the real world.

Meanwhile, the company is committed to writing a desktop version of the complete (76k lines of PHP) server, which runs on Windows, which I know next-to-nothing about developing for. Hell, I don’t even have any experience with the two lingua-francas of the Windows world today (C# and VB.NET), let alone their Compact versions, let alone the have experience building installers.

For all those reasons and more, my company is hiring. Complicating this (beyond the fact that no one knows the target platform), is the fact that the owner of the company is a complete tightwad, totally unprepared for the costs involved in developing software (to put it another way, the salary for two developers and one salesman is “too high”). He had me create the posting for $30k a year, when similar positions are offering $90-110k a year downtown.

So not only do I have to simply deal with management totally clueless about development procedures, I have to do most of their administrative crap for them as well.

On the plus side, they gave up asking me for all the features my old boss shot down.