“It’s not enough that you sell your waking life for minimum wage, but they get your dreams for free”

Monday night, I had my first C# dream.

I later dreamed I ran into an old friend of mine from High School, who I haven’t thought of recently. Charcoal grey and white tiling, just passing her by, until I noticed who she was. She smiled at me, and I acted all geeked to see her, but that was it.

Both Monday and Tuesday I ended up putting in over nine hours of actual legitimate work, plus about a half-hour worth of breaks. Combine that with the two hour drives and the wakeup, and I end up flushing 13 hours of my day to some ignorant fuck that not only has no conception of what I do for a living, but follows it up with the belief that 35k a year is too much for me to be paid. I got “talked to” for reporting my overtime this afternoon, so I took off early and

The transparent “blahblahblah” bullshit is starting to get to me too, watching someone else’s sales guys try to talk shit, and my boss try to return the serve, when I could be doing useful work instead really gets under my skin. Like I don’t have enough to do without having to spend an hour submerged in lies for profit.

So yesterday night rolls around, and I spend it with a girl I used to date… obviously because I’m a glutton for punishment. That little exercise in soul-immolation set me back about three months, but I was surprised how quickly I’ve rebounded: I had reached the “fuck the world” level of frustration by the time I was driving home today. Last time around it took me about a month and a half of worldly bullshit to reach that level of pissed-off.

This week I also realized the true meaning of the Statue of Liberty: a chick with a torch backed up by a peasant mob. Rock.

Lastly, I looked into Second Life… and discoved it’s essentially an an anarcho-capitalist vision of this life. Lots of drug-inspired costumes and body modification crammed into a monumental fucking shopping mall.