One, Two, Three, Four

I Declare Class War!

In the end this person decided that Tena’s sister didn’t have the right personality, because she required too much direction, and having lured her away from a perfectly good job with Chinese employers (which paid more!), she turned around and fired Elsa after 9 months or so. This person is actually rather nice in many ways, really funny, and perhaps it’s not her fault she found herself tempermentally unsuited to employ a maid, but it was still a kind of shitty outcome.

I found that monstrosity after my first legitimate “where it takes you” netsurfing in a long while. It was on the blog of a person who was taken note of for taking note of sexism in comic books, complete with the disburbing but hilarious “if it were equal” versions: Superhero crotch shots. Which means the person who wrote that tripe is at least in favor of sex equality. Still wonder why feminists get stereotyped as privileged white women?