Delinking AmSam

I’ve delinked American Samizdat after a racist post was not only published, but defended by both the original poster and another contributor to the site. My exact comments on the racism are available on the offending AmSam post, for those who are interested. Supposedly the same post got them banned from Daily Kos. I had originally linked to AmSam after they linked to a post of mine on trolling.

I should also note that in spite of my belief that Daily Kos is a horrendous (though obvious) shill for the Democratic Party, and my revulsion at Mr. Markos’ views that social issues such as womens’ and gay persons’ rights are expendable in the name of electoral victory—which I believe to be the very worst form of opportunism, that which harms others who are already discriminated against—I do agree with their decision not to publish the anti-semitic tripe thrown out by Mr. Shropshire.