The Fool's Only Teacher

  1. When writing NUnit test suites for C#, make sure the TestFixture classes are explicitly declared “public” (this is because classes are declared “internal” by default—and is really only an issue in VS2005 because it no longer adds the “public” when you create a class via “Add Item”).
  2. The Quickbooks 2006 DB service does not like it when you change the auditing GPO on your Small Business Server 2003 SP2.
  3. To network a Lexmark Z45 connected to a Windows 2000 desktop (\W2K) residing on an ActiveDirectory network controlled by the \SERVER machine:
    1. Install the “Lexmark Z45 Color Jetprinter” Unidriver from Lexmark’s site onto your W2K box.
    2. Patch the driver.
    3. Share the printer as “LZ45” (do not publish it in the directory).
    4. On \SERVER, connect it as a local printer over a newly created Local port, who’s location is \W2KLZ45.
    5. Use the same driver you did on the \W2K box.
    6. Share the printer from the server (publish this instance of it).
    7. Patch the driver on the server.
    8. Realize none of that would be necessary if the printer were hanging off a CUPS box, or if the service contract for your laser printer that your predecessor purchased through OfficeMax was worth a damn.

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  1. I wish you had written this post a bit earlier — just over a week ago I spent around two hours wondering why ReSharper wouldn’t recognize the unit tests I wrote. Finally a quick peek to the IntelliJ forums made me realize that visibility was the key.

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