The Fool's Only Teacher II

Hopefully, this can be turned into a running gag series.

  1. SBS Server 2003 Standard Edition sucks. Either get Premium or just eschew SBS altogether. I’ll take a wiki over SharePoint anyday.
  2. Supposedly, Kerberos authentication between an Apache virtual host and an ActiveDirectory domain is impossible. However, mod_auth_pam and pam_krb5 are not only easier to setup, but they work.
  3.’s version of trac currently depends on an unavailable version of mod_python (libapache2-mod-python2.3). Use mod_fcgi (libapache2-mod-fcgid) instead.
  4. In your BackgroundWorker.RunWorkerCompleted handler, you can either re-throw exceptions that were caught from your background thread (and loose stack traces), or use the ‘is’ operator in an if-else tree, e.g.
    if( e.Error == null )
        // no exceptions
    else if( e.Error is XmlException )
        // handle XML errors

2 thoughts on “The Fool's Only Teacher II

  1. AuthType Kerberos
    KrbAuthRealms AD.ISILLC.COM
    Krb5Keytab “/etc/apache2/source.keytab”
    Require valid-user

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