More about the Train

There is nothing worse on this earth that being crammed onto a train behind someone who smells like an ashtray.

Except perhaps, being an ex-smoker crammed onto a train behind someone who smells like an ashtray.

Either way, my nose wasn’t plugged and running 20 minutes ago…

2 thoughts on “More about the Train

  1. A sensitization allergy is not completely out of the realm of possibility.
    I’m not you, but were I you, I might consider consulting a respiratory therapist when the health insurance kicks in. I don’t know as much about nasal issues; all my trials in that regard have been pulmonary. All the same and never the less, they’re doing amazing things with drugs these days.

    Also, your ex-smoker righteousness is noted. You are absolutely entitled to it. It may or may not help you to remember that those are just addicted humans; I doubt that the insult to your nose was deliberate. Mercy for those in bondage, ne?
    It’s not that it’s not their fault; it is. It’s not that they couldn’t help it; they could. It’s that they probably don’t even realize what they’re doing to the people around them. I never did until I started hanging out with ex-smokers.
    something something forgive them something know not what they do something

  2. Honestly, this was most about pre-existing pissed-offness being transferred onto the horribly smelly guy I happened to get stuck next to.

    Not cool, to be sure, but then, neither is taking public transportation while reaking of smoke and body odor.

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