Fuck Hope

4 thoughts on “Fuck Hope

  1. Of course. You’re right. Hope is for suckers. 😛

  2. At the time, that was snark. Now, I’m not so sure. I suspect you may be onto something, here.

    …I think it might be poison, though.

  3. Hope has two children: anger and courage. Anger at the way things are in the world, and the courage to change it.

    – Christian theologian St. Augustine of Hippo (Aurelius Augustinus, 354-430)

  4. I see your old dead Xian, and raise you an old dead French athiest:

    As for “despair”, it merely means that we limit ourselves to a reliance upon that which is within our wills, or within the sum of the probabilities which renders our actions feasible. If I am counting on the visit of a friend, I presuppose that their train will be on time. One does not rely on possibilities beyond those concerned in one’s action. Descartes said “Conquer yourself rather than the world” and meant the same – that we should act without hope. Jean Paul Sartre, Existentialism is a Humanism

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