I Say 'God-Damn!'

God damn, god damn, god damn.

But not all of them are focused on border concerns. If you talk to the Minutemen long enough, the subject of immigration inevitably floats to the surface.

“I see the nation descending into poverty, philosophically, and part of it is illegal immigration, a big part of it,” says a twentysomething young man named Eric, who declines to give his last name. “It’s also outsourcing, increasing corporate power, excessive corporate power, that kind of stuff. What I can do here, since I’m so close to the border, is help out with the immigration issue.” His fiancée, he says, can’t understand why does it. David Niewert, Borderline Personalities

So this particular Minuteman is concerned about the globalization of capital, and the “we all see it but pretend it isn’t staring us in the face” future economic downturn in the U.S., and he chooses to do his part by stomping on brown people.

God damn, if that isn’t the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Way stupider than healing crystals and intellegent design.

The alternative is the stuff about corporate power was thrown in there because more people care about out-of-control, legally un-accountable corporations than they do brown people, and “Eric” is simply talking up the same bait-and-switch that got the word “Socialist” stuck in the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party“.